Tuesday, June 2, 2015

7 ways to Organize Using Metro Shelving

I adore the industrial look of Metro shelving! Some people assume that these sturdy, industrial-style shelving units can only be used for organizing garages or storage units, but I beg to differ! I think that these shelving systems are a great way to bring beautiful storage solutions to any room in your house.  Here are 7 attractive and useful ways to use wire shelving to expand your in-home storage and keep things organized!

1. Bathroom supply storage.  Use these wire shelves in your bathroom to store towels, beauty products, extra bath supplies etc.

2. Buffet.  Use a metro shelf in your dining room as a buffet to store your dishes, bowls, table linens and anything that you would store in a traditional buffet.

3. Changing table.  This 3 shelf metro shelving system can be used perfectly as a changing station for your nursery.  Add a changing pad to the top shelf and store baskets on the lower shelves to store diapers, wipes and other supplies.

4. Open-air closet.  Short on closet space?  Use a metro shelving system to create an open air closet system.  With this system you can store folded pants, sweaters and shoes on the shelves as well as hang clothing on hangers.

5. Garage/mudroom storage.  Use several metro shelves to create a storage system for your garage or mudroom.

6. Open-air Pantry. Use a metro shelf to create a pantry storage system.  You can display and store your tools (left) or your pantry food (right).

7. Office shelving.  The metro shelf is a great addition to your home office.  Store your printer, file boxes, baskets of supplies and more on these shelves!

Get great Metro Shelving at The Container Store!

Happy Organizing!


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