Friday, March 13, 2015

Coat Closet Organization

The coat closet tends to be a dumping ground in our house for coats, hats, shoes, scarves and gloves as we come in and out of the house.  This closet has always been a challenge for our family.  Our coat closet is small so when I decided to re-organize the closet I knew that I had to only store things that we use for the particular season we are in.  I will store off-season items in bins that will be stored in our basement.  We are between seasons here, still cold enough most days for coats in the morning with hats and gloves.  The pictures below is the closet before the redo.  We were just storing all of our scarves, hats and gloves on the top shelf which was a big pile of mess!  I had miss-matched hangers and my son's things never quite make it on a hanger, all the items on the floor are his.

 The first thing I did was to remove everything from the closet.  I vacuumed the floor and baseboards and wiped down the top shelve with a dry cloth and multipurpose cleaner.  I then found 2 baskets that I had that fit perfectly side by side on the top shelf of the closet.  I decided to store hats in one basket and gloves in the other.

I then found wooden hangers that I already had and hung all of our current coats leaving a few empty hangers so that we will be able to hang the coats of any guests that visit.

I found this cute over the door 10 hook piece at Big Lots for $3.50!  I love it and it fits perfectly inside the door.

I can store all of our scarves on these hooks in the colder months and during the warmer months we can store baseball caps, umbrellas and even flip flops on the hooks.

 Sorry for the awkward angle, we have tight hallways so this was as good of a picture that I could get.  The floor is clear except for a folding step ladder.

 I really think baskets and over the door hooks are great organizing items for closets.  They allow you to separate and store like items and allow you to utilize as much space as possible which is important since most hallway and coat closets are on the smaller side.  This project only cost me $3.50 for the over the door hooks.  I used what I had as far as the baskets and the hangers.  Often times small organizational projects like this are very low cost because you can use items that you already have in your home.  I hope this simple organizing project shows readers how easy and budget friendly organizing can be.

Happy Organizing!!


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