Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Tangled Scarf Abyss!

We have yet another snow day today so I am home waiting patiently (not really) for Spring to come!!!  While I am waiting I am doing little organizational and cleaning projects each week to try to get my house clean and organized so that when Spring does show her tiny head the house will be clean, organized and ready for Spring!  Today I tamed my unruly scarf collection!  For years I have just been throwing my scarves around a hanger and it is always a tangled mess not to mention the fact that it usually takes me forever to find the scarf that I want because it is lost in the abyss of scarf tangles!  I have seen all the "scarf organizers" that companies are now making but I really wanted to find something more budget friendly so I decided to use shower curtain rings that I purchased for $1 and a wooden hanger that I already had in my closet.  

Here is the tangled disaster of scarves that I yanked off the hangers and threw on the floor in disgust!

To do this project all you need is a set of shower rings and a sturdy hanger.  If you have a ton of scarves you may need more hangers and more rings!  Put the rings on the hanger and make sure the clasps are closed.

Loop the scarves one at a time through each ring.  My hanger holds 12 rings easily.  I keep my scarf hanger hanging on a door hook right inside my closet door so that I can just open it and see all my scarves easily and grab the one I need for the day!

I hope that you have enjoyed this scarf organization project!  Total cost was $1 and it took about 15 minutes!!  I love the way this little project turned out and I hope it motivates you to tackle your unruly scarf collection soon!!

Happy Organizing!


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