Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bathroom Closet Organizing

 I spent the morning organizing my bathroom closet. I used baskets and plastic bins from Target.  It was a cheap and simple project that took me about an hour. Happy organizing!!!

I pulled everything off of the shelves and sprayed it down with my Methods Multipurpose spray so that the closet was clean and fresh.

 On the top shelf I keep a basket with my cleaning supplies.  I use Method products for the environmental factor and also the smell is amazing!  I also keep my rubber gloves and cleaning towels in this basket.  I buy my cleaning towels at Target there are like 10 to a pack and run around $5!  

On the second shelf I have my plastic bins from Target.  I love the blue color!!  Unfortunately, I went back to buy more but they do not have them in this color anymore.  I bought these last year.  I keep bathroom supplies like cotton balls, q-tips, hand soaps etc in these bins for easy access.  This is also where I store my first aid kit, heating pad and manicure/pedicure supplies.  I used my Brother P-touch label maker to make the labels for each bin.

The three drawer organizer holds all my feminine products in the first 2 drawers and then I store extra soap and tooth paste in the last drawer.  

Happy Organizing!!!


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